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7 Expert GoPro Kayaking Tips To Transform Your Adventure

For many kayakers, the feeling of freedom and adrenaline rush that comes with paddling through water is unmatched, and with the ability to capture these experiences easily through GoPro cameras, it’s no wonder that kayakers are falling in love with this tool.

GoPro cameras are portable, lightweight, and splash-proof, making them the perfect companion for any kayak adventure.

However, capturing quality footage of your kayaking experience takes a bit more work than simply pressing the record.

In this article, we’ll share seven expert GoPro kayaking tips that will take your kayaking experience to a whole new level.

1)) Choose The Right Mount

The best way to capture quality footage of your kayaking experience is to choose the right GoPro mount.

Consider the type of kayak you have and how you’d like to mount the camera.

There are chest mounts, helmet mounts, and even suction cup mounts available.

It’s important to choose a mount that is stable and won’t come loose in the water.

2)) Pay Attention To Lighting

The key to capturing great footage of your kayaking experience is to understand lighting and how it affects your shot.

Avoid shooting directly into the sun and take advantage of natural light to capture the beauty of the scenery around you.

3)) Invest In A Waterproof Housing

To protect your GoPro camera from water damage, invest in waterproof housing.

Most GoPro cameras come with a basic waterproof case; however, if you plan to do some advanced kayaking, like whitewater kayaking, invest in a more robust housing that can withstand water pressure.

4)) Experiment With Angles

One way to make your kayaking footage more interesting is by experimenting with different camera angles.

Try mounting your GoPro camera at different angles, such as from the front or back of your kayak, to capture unique perspectives.

5)) Consider Adding Filters

Filters can enhance the quality of your GoPro kayaking footage by reducing glare and making colors pop.

Polarizing filters are a great option for reducing reflections on water surfaces, while color-correction filters can help restore natural colors that may appear washed out underwater.

6)) Use Editing Tools To Create A Story

Once you’ve captured your footage, use editing tools to create a compelling story.

Trim unnecessary footage, add music, and use a mix of slow motion and real-time footage to create a dynamic and engaging video.

7)) Don’t Forget About Safety

While capturing great footage is important, safety should always be a top priority.

Make sure to properly secure your GoPro camera to avoid it becoming a distraction while you’re kayaking, and always wear a life jacket.


GoPro cameras provide an excellent way to capture the beauty of nature and the thrill of kayaking.

With the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to capture stunning footage that accurately reflects the excitement of your kayaking adventure while also staying safe along the way.

Choose the right mount, pay attention to lighting, invest in a waterproof housing, experiment with angles, consider adding filters, use editing tools to create a story, and don’t forget about safety.

By following these expert tips, you’ll take your kayaking experience to a whole new level.

When it comes to kayaking, you have the option of selecting calm or rough white water runs. There’s nothing more freeing than being out on the open water away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re interested in learning more about the sport of kayaking, then stop by Kayaking Insiders often!

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